Six Ames (mission & vision):

It is true that ethical fashion in these days is contemporary, accessible and desirable.   We are doing our best to become a partly sustainable brand. We want our clients to take part in our journey, and this is why we aim to be as transparent and clear as possible about our choices.    

Taking actions towards sustainability:

We are producing only 4 collections a year (spring, summer, pre fall, fall) with a limited amount of items, so to focus on garments quality.   More than half of the garment is designed to be used all year long, so to create seasonless clothes.   We are using high quality materials like cotton, merino wool, leather, silk, viscose, polyester and denim.   Moreover we are using recycled polyester and raccoon fur yarn.   

Material choices:

Our RACOON fiber yarn is an innovative yarn obtained by shaving raccoons once a year, as it  happens for sheep, thus the animals are not suffering any pain or violence. This yarn is super soft, comfortable, warm and light.   For some cloth we use RECYCLED POLYESTER made from plastic bottles.   We like SILK,because it is a natural protein fiber; however we are trying to use it only in small scale products because of its difficult cultivation process.   

Caring of the products:

Wash smart - last long!  First rule, clothes don't have only one-wear potential, but you can wear them many times before tossing them in the dirty clothes hamper.   Second, when we speak about garments which do not have often skin-to skin contact (such as  jackets and coats), they do not need to be washed as often as other items.  Third, we strongly encourage our customers to check the label with the caring instructions to know how properly treat the garment.